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Now that “The Chair” has advertisements, we think that it is only fitting that we should give away our earnings to progressive charities.  One of the reasons why this blog has survived is because of our loyal readers, and we would like to think that most of you share our ideals.  We are certain that if the inimitable Miss Dorothy Parker had a blog today, she would also do the same. After all, she bequeathed her estate to the Dr. Martin Luther King Foundation.

So far, we only have ads from Nuffnang Philippines.  Our application for Google AdSense was denied because of page-type related issues. Google also does not support Filipino-language sites at the moment but we are happy to call Google-Blogger our home. 

We hope that you will support us in this endeavor. We will be posting our earnings on this page every time there is a significant increase. If we have accumulated enough earnings, we will also post our chosen charities.

 [June 2012 to Feb 24, 2013]. 
Earnings must reach P2,000 before we can redeem it.

Latest News: Unfortunately, for the past two months or so, we have not had any advertisements. Perhaps, this is because of our low readership.  Charity donations may just have to wait a while longer. We are setting our goal really low. We hope to raise P500 by the end of 2013. We're crossing our fingers.

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