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Saturday, November 10, 2012

In Defense of Philippine English

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  1. COMMENTS from my old NuffnangX

    Oliverf: (1) When i was new in the UK i was told i spoke 'like an American' which i, then, thought was a compliment. I was so proud till the penny dropped. Most Brits still take pride of the queen's English. But the language is no different from Tagalog as it also has accents which made things more difficult for a 'bagong salta' You should hear an Eastender (ala Jason Statham, Vinnie Jones) and a Scouser(John Lennon)talk and you'll realise that the regionalization started even before the language left the shores.

    My reply: Rob
    That is interesting Oliver. I always preferred Ralph Fiennes’ accent. Now, have you acquired any Brit accent there in U.K.?

    Oliverf: (2) I’m afraid i can't avoid but feel pretentious whenever I try. I work in a very multicultural environment and as much as i would like to ibe "propa" i keep mashing the Welsh, Scottish, Irish and sometimes Caribbean and Indian accents. I don't see the need for it as long as my message gets through. However, my two boys do have the accent so you could understand my dilemma when preparing dinner for them.