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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Moveable Circle: Introduction

Time it Takes to Read: 1 minute

Every week, some members of the “Moveable Circle” get together. Sometimes, we watch a film or have dinner in a cheap restaurant. Whatever we do, we usually end up in a coffee shop discussing different topics from films, politics, sex, religion, and everything about the absurdity of life in this Third World country. For us, we feel as if we were contributing to society but from the point of view of outsiders, we certainly sound like a bunch of loud miseducated Filipinos who shift from English to Filipino as we sip our cappuccinos, tea lattes or black coffees secretly spiked with whiskey. 

Whatever people might think of us, I personally enjoy my time with these consciously deranged intellectuals.  I learn more with them than the four years that I spent in university trying to understand lofty topics from quantum mechanics to Derrida.  However, I feel that it is such as waste if I do not try to blog about our discussions considering some of us occasionally come up with some insightful ideas.  Therefore, we have decided to share some of our discussions at the round (or square) table. We cannot share all of our discussions because certain famous political personalities and celebrities will definitely sue us if we divulge some private information. Here is our first effort.

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