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Review Ratings

We have updated our review rating scheme
0 = poop, 1 = soda, 2 = iced tea, 3 = brewed coffee, 4 = martini, 
5 = fine wine

What do these beverages mean? 
  • poop:  Waste (Pag-aaksaya)
  • soda:  Forgettable (Maaring limutin)
  • tea:  Middling at best (Katamtaman)
  • brewed coffee:  Has Good Potential but... (May potensyal pero...)
  • martini:  Must-see (Dapat Panoorin)
  • fine wine:  Cheers (Tagay)
Let it be known that we do not review all the movies that come out in theaters.  We only review movies that are
  1. Outstanding
  2. Disturbingly popular  
  3. Awfully delicious
  4. Open to many interpretations
  5. *Sometimes, it also depends on our critic's budget.  Most of us are just poor struggling writers and so if we cannot spare 150 to 200 pesos for a movie, then forget it. 

"I love movies and I refuse to believe that Filipino moviegoers watch trash by choice. It is just that trash seem to be the only thing getting exhibited in commercial theaters. If I hurl acidic words at an actor, a director or a filmmaker because I think he or she has produced mediocrity, it is not personal. I simply have a high respect for film artists and the art of film-making.  I could never face the Movable Circle if I sell out.  Believe it or not, I am the nicest of the bunch." (R. San Miguel)


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