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Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: "The Year We Flopped!" Our Most Popular Posts of the Year and Other Messages

We call 2012 as “The Year We Flopped, Sort Of.”  In terms of popularity, we published some of our most popular posts this year but there were just a few of them but most of our posts this year received less than 100 hits.  We have more flops than hits. Oddly, our traffic this year increased. This is because some of our old posts have continued to attract readers.  For example, the most popular post this year is “Ten Signs that Prove that a Guy Really Likes You,” first published on August 12, 2011. Back then, it only received 49 hits and eventually was buried underneath new posts.  In 2012, it resurrected. 

I wrote articles about politics, science, history, art and even released my original cartoons, but people seem to want to know more about “love,” specifically, “how to know if a man really likes you.”  Still, writing about love and relationship does not guarantee success. Inspired by “10 Signs,” I wrote other similar articles but they all flopped.

The most popular post written in 2012 is “Angry Birds: Isang Propaganda ng mga Komunista (A Juvenalian Satire.)” This was a surprise for me.  I wrote it without expecting anything.  It came out as a whim, as a form self-mockery.  The reactions that I got from some readers though were quite unexpected.  If I base my conclusion on the published comments of my readers, most people did not get the point of the essay.  Still, we also have to consider the silent majority. I would like to think most of them understood the intent of the essay.

Another surprise of the year was “Dapat Basahin: "Desaparesidos" ni Lualhati Bautista,” my first book review. 

The two biggest lessons for me in 2012 are:
[1] You can never predict what readers want
[2] We here in “the Chair” are still nobody and so what we say do not matter. Heck! We cannot even expect our close friends to read our blog.

We were hoping that the word would end this year, but sadly, the world did not end.  So blogging, here we go.

Kidding aside, we thank all our readers. We love you! We really do! In the words of Nora Aunor, “Kahit na konti na lang ang manonood sa pelikula ko, patuloy pa rin akong gagawa ng makabuluhang pelikula.”

Below are the Top 40 Posts of 2012 (na nagpakita na “May Himala!”)
(Titles in blue are posts written in 2011)
  1. Ten Signs that Prove that a Guy "Really Likes" You. (Date: 8/13/11)
  2. Angry Birds: Isang Propaganda ng mga Komunista [A Juvenalian Satire] (Date: 6/9/12)
  3. The Reductive Queen: Madonna, Lady Gaga and a New Powerful Word (Date: 1/15/2012)
  4. The Healing: Gusto Lang Bang Manakot O? (Date: 8/5/12)
  5. Ano ang Halo Mo? What is your Mix? (Date: 6/7/12)
  6. Kimmy Dora at ang Ibang Klaseng Kakiyemehan ni Binibining Joyce Bernal.  (Date: 6/14/12) 
  7. "All Filipinos are Liars, Homophobes and Racists," said a Filipino (A Sardonic Take on Manny Pacquiao's Homophobia) (Date: 5/17/12)
  8. Snow White, Interesting at Last [A Movie Review for "Mirror Mirror"](Date: 3/16/12)
  9. Tumawa, Tapos Mambara: A Review for “Praybeyt Benjamin”(Date: 10/29/11)
  10. Yuck! His Essay is in Filipino. Waiter! One Plate of Escargot Please. (Date: 8/5/12) 
  11. Ang Bukol ni Neil Etheridge at Iba Pang Nais Umbukin (Date: 9/1/11)
  12. Should Piolo Pascual Come Out? [“The Gay Invisible in the Land of Polite Homophobia”] (Date: 12/2/11)
  13. Mga Dahilan Kung Bakit Hindi Papatok sa Takilya ang “Thy Womb” (Rebyu) (Date: 12/25/12)
  14. Say Chiz: "Bakit Gusto ni Chiz na Eksakto ang Bayad sa Umaga?” (Date: 6/20/12)
  15. Taxing Cigarettes is Good for the Rich and the Philippines (Date: 4/21/12)
  16. Three Good Things About the End of the World in 2012 (Date: 1/1/2012)
  17. Four Guys and a Wedding: Food Review (Date: 8/19/12)
  18. If You Use Globe Tattoo, You Will Age Four Times Faster. [Product Review] (Date: 7/22/12)
  19. Total Recall 2012: "I'm Just Doing My Job, Baby" (Date: 8/22/12)
  20. Bwakaw: "Munting Ginto" and the Newest Best Actress.  (Date: 9/19/12)
  21. Musika o Ingay: Bakit Mahilig Umawit ang Pinoy nang Malakas. (Date: 5/6/12)
  22. You're Buddhist? Really? [Buddhist Ka? Talaga? Weh?] (Date: 6/11/12)
  23. "Homosexuality is not a Sin but..." [Analyzing a Beauty Queen’s Tweets] (Date: 5/1/12)
  24. Immortals: "Why Gods Should not Interfere (A Retrospective Review) (Date: 6/17/12)
  25. The Manila Legacy? (A Sardonic Movie Review for "The Bourne Legacy) (Date: 8/11/12)
  26. I Do Bidoo Bidoo: “The Incomplete Laughable Man and the Politics of Tokenism” or “Just Shut Up and Enjoy it Bro!” (Date: 8/30/12)
  27. 10 Nakakatakot na Bagay Tungkol sa Cybercrime Law (Date: 10/6/12 )
  28. "Where's Your Mother Nina?" [The Nonexistent Mother Theory, Black Swan] (Date: 2/26/11)
  29. A Review for Globe Tattoo by a Guy with a Tattoo. (Date: 6/4/12)
  30. The Queen We Deserve: A Review for "Snow White and the Huntsman.” (Date: 6/2/12)
  31. Four Things We Can Learn from Koreans (Date: 4/22/12)
  32. Cinemalaya 2012: "Agenda at Ideolohiya" (Date: 7/22/12)
  33. The Mistress: “The First Ever Non-Movie Review o Hindi Habang Buhay Matigas…” (Date: 9/15/12)
  34. Case: Lady Gaga versus Some People of the Philippines. (Date: 5/20/12)
  35. Is This the Highest Grossing Homophobic Comedy? (Review for “This Guy’s in Love with U Mare”) (Date: 10/13/12)
  36. My Favorite Actress, Jessica Lange [American Horror Story] (Date: 5/6/12)
  37. Devil's Guide to Management: The Illusion of Order (Date: 4/30/12)
  38. Bakit Dapat Gawing MMDA Traffic Enforcers ang mga Batang Kalye (Isang Mapagkumbabang Panukala) (Date: 8/18/12)
  39. Meryl Does not Need an Oscar, the Oscars Need Meryl: Review for "The Iron Lady." (Date: 2/12/12)
  40. Numinipis ang Bubble: Rebyu para sa "Bubble Gang” (Date: 6/12/12)

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