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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Four Guys and a Wedding

“The Chair” and the members of “The Movable Circle” rarely do food reviews, but this one time, we found dishes that warrant a break from our long hiatus in food criticism. My friends and I had a surprise post-wedding party for one of our best friends.  Since we are all breadwinners, we do not have much money to come up with a lavish wedding reception. We had a limited budget and eating in a fast food restaurant was not an option.  One of our friends recommended a new catering service called “Four Guys,” and they were generous enough to work within our limited budget.  When I say limited, I mean not exceeding five figures.  When the food finally arrived, we were surprised that it was so much more than what we anticipated.  The dishes did not look cheap and these handsome-looking guys did not sacrifice quality despite our limited budget. 

Please Us If You Dare
The dishes were scrumptious, delectable and appetizing. Pardon the redundancy in my adjectives, but I was completely satiated with only one serving.  Since I am perennially on a diet and have a habit of counting calories, I forgot all about my precious waistline and stuff myself with soup, pasta, fajitas and wash everything with iced tea.  

The pasta was simply delicious, and it had real tasty tomatoes.  Imagine that. The soup was far better than any of the soups that I have tasted in restaurants like Italianni’s, Bigoli’s and even, gulp, T.G.I.F.  But what really blew my palate were the fajitas.  The fillings were so tasty; one wrap will send your taste buds into overdrive.   Even the “Four Guys” iced tea was out of the ordinary.  No, I am not talking about the cheap powdered iced tea that other restaurants shamelessly offer to you in mall restaurants.  Their iced tea is infused with herbs and, as one of my friends commented; he tasted a hint of kiwi fruit.

Fajitas: Muy Delicioso
By the time we were all stuff, they were still plenty of leftovers and that is saying something because we were all big-eaters.  I have to confess, I had four fat fajitas with everything on it, and I still wanted more but my belt was already protesting.

I often considered myself as a finicky epicurean, and so I am not embarrassed to say that these “Four Guys” know how to whip up a fancy budget meal that can put restaurant dishes to shame.  Like my aunt used to say, when men really get serious in cooking, they can really come up with dishes that would make women forget their chastity.  There were five women in the party, and they were all so satisfied. 

Use these in your fajitas or nachos, it doesn't make a difference;
everything will turn out delectable
Savory Meat Fillings
Much Tastier than It Looks
The Culprit: Why I Immediately Stopped Dieting

Visit Four Guys Pasta Facebook Page for more details. Click This

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