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Thursday, May 17, 2012

"All Filipinos are Liars, Homophobes and Racists," said a Filipino (A Sardonic Take on Manny Pacquiao's Homophobia)

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  1. I agree with... but come on... want to see something more disgusting? Go to yahoo articles... on the China crisis... gay issues etc. A lot of the comments I've been trying to fight off actually want all the Chinese (chinoys included) and all gays to just drop dead... and typically, these are stupid and narrow minded people. When they have nothing more to argue with they'll just throw gay, or gay-lover or communist lover or my goodness, devil at me. How pathetic lol.

  2. Thanks Rosswill for commenting and visiting my blog. You have a point. Maybe we all need to reexamine ourselves. Me included. Thanks again. :-)