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Monday, April 30, 2012

Devil's Guide to Management: The Illusion of Order

This is an excerpt from the unpublished book “A Devil’s Guide to Management” by Rob San Miguel.

Nineteenth century Austrian Physicist Ludvig Boltzmann came up with a mathematical equation to measure disorder or entropy.  The equation is S= k log W.  I will not go into explaining this equation.  If you want, you can do your own research on entropy.  But simply put, entropy is the tendency of things to move from order to disorder as time passes.  The universe started in an orderly fashion starting with the Big Bang.  Ever since that event, everything in the universe is moving towards disorder.  This is one of the fundamental theoretical concepts of physics.

The whole article is available on Brun Magazine on May 18


  1. Wow, I never realized that the centrifugal force of the universe has anything to do with tardiness, but you so convincingly linked them. And nice to know there'll be no more throwing of clip boards, although it's those Vilma Santos school of spectacle moments that are fun to reminisce, tee hee.

    Ok, I need this book! When is it coming out?

    Btw, I saw Ate Lourdes at Euni this afternoon. Na-miss ko bigla ang 911. :)

  2. Thanks AJ. I throw different things now. :-)