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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don't Cry For Me, Pilipinas [Gloria Arroyo's Version]

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Rob San Miguel (modifying Tim Rice's original lyrics) Apologies to Mr. Webber and Mr. Rice.

It won’t be easy, you think it’s strange
When I try to conceal how I cheated,
But I still need your votes after all that I’ve done.
You won’t believe it,
And all I can say is that Garci is through,
And look I am dressed for the fight.
Ready to stomp all of you.

I had to let it happen.
I had to change.
Couldn’t stay all my life as demon queen
Cuddling close to my husband and dragging all of my sons.

So I chose Congress.
Running again and stopping everything new,
And nothing will quench me at all.
I never expected to lose.

Don’t cry for me Pilipinas.
The truth is I’ll never leave you.
I’ll pass amendments.
I have no conscience.
I’ll have my vengeance.
I’ll be a giant (or I'll be a nuisance).

And as for corruption, you can’t pin the blame,
The Aquinos can never expect to win
Just look at P’noy, that’s all he desires,

That is delusion,
De Lima’s solutions are madder than me,
The answer is here all the time,
I tricked you and so did Mikey,

Don’t cry for us Pilipinas,

Don’t cry for me Pilipinas,
The truth is I may leave you
To many nations,
No extradition,
My health condition, a fabrication

Have I revealed too much, did I say something that frightened you?
But all you have to do is look at me to know that I manipulated you.

Instrumental version of the song "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" so you can sing along.


Originally published in "Sardonique," July 1, 2010.
I think it is still appropriate today [re-posted November 16, 2011]. I updated some of the lyrics.

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