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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Always Bring the Sunshine with You [A Metaphor to Life]

Also titled, "What the Waves of Pundaquit Beach Taught Me."

It may have been a stormy Saturday and Sunday and the sun only graced us for a few seconds but decided to hide himself during the entire weekend, still, it was one of the sunniest vacation, and surprisingly, cheapest.  The waves in Pundaquit beach in Zambales (Philippines) were powerful, intense, relentless but awesomely fun.  Despite looking so ominous, the sea was actually with us for the merriment, splashing water on us, knocking us on our feet, and pushing us away and then dragging us to the sea.  The sea even pulled a hilarious joke and surprised us with a mini-tsunami and knocking most of us off our feet, falling like we were comedians in a beach slapstick comedy.  Luckily, the funny mishap was all captured on video.  

Photos by Julius Mendoza 
[July 30, 2011]All Rights Reserved
It rained the whole time we were in Pundaquit and the sea was too violent to venture out and go island hopping, which was the only disappointment in the trip.  However, the weather may be gloomy and the wind was cold but we brought the sunshine with us and that made all the difference.  I was with friends who are also my present and past co-workers.  All of us have taken different paths in our lives but we respected our separate choices and that made us even closer.  I think the unadulterated fun we had despite the gloomy weather is a perfect metaphor on how to go through life and its many twist and turns.  It is not always the place and the condition of the place that matter but the positive attitude you bring to the place. The mind is always the key. Others may see dark stormy clouds ahead but others see glorious wind that brings about progressive change.  Others see a sky painted with dark clouds hiding the sun; others see the sun unrelentingly breaking through the clouds.  Others see a beach battered by high waves, others see a perfect picture opportunity, pose here, pose there, and of course, endless possibilities to be goofy. 

I wish we could all smile through the storms and see the best in people. Let go and learn to respect our individual choices. Go through all the ups and downs, stand up when we are knocked over, and learn to laugh when life give us unexpected, amusing and sometimes annoying surprises.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we bring the sunshine wherever we are?  No storm can withstand a happy disposition and the right kind of determination.  I wish I had this attitude before but again, it is never too late.  As the waves of Pundaquit taught me, if the last one knocked you over, the next wave will surely be fun, different but the undulating rolling of the waves will never stop. One wave is always followed by another and that is a good thing. It means life is never greedy in churning up possibilities; you just have to open your eyes, ride the wave and bring in the sunshine.  Now, it is time to learn surfing. 


  1. indeed...even how the gloomy weather is don't let it affect our lives. life has a lot to offer, be happy and contented.t. rob you're the best!!!

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    1. Thanks you so much Redspect for visiting. I learned so much about Mawadda International Aid and we will do my best to help. I am hoping one day our blog will earn enough money so we can really donate to progressive charities.

    2. correction: "we will do our best [not my]"