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Saturday, March 12, 2011

"My God, Somebody Give Che Ramos a Movie!" [Review for "Senior Year." Teachers' Edition]

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Use of Non-Free Media Rationale
Most of the time, high school teachers are portrayed as comical characters in films. If not, they are deified as uncanny heroes that will sacrifice everything for their students. It may be a noble attempt; but often times, the teacher becomes painfully one dimensional.  Even worse, high school teachers in films are portrayed as very conservative Bible-peddling pedagogues, amoral individuals or sexual predators.  It may be hard to find teachers in mainstream cinema remotely resembling our real high school teachers.  Luckily, “Senior Year” is different. In the film, Che Ramos, who played Miss Joan Aquino, gave us a complex believable, though brief, portrayal of a high school teacher.

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