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Sunday, March 20, 2011

100-colored Rainbow Dubstep: A Review for James Blake's Self-titled Debut CD [by Kim Dong Hyun]

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It took me quite some time to finally get to listen to the album because James Blake’s previous three EPs were pretty great and I got the feeling that isn't everybody praising James Blake too much just with three EPs? I was worried I might get disappointed with his new work. However, when I painstakingly listened to the album, I got a feeling of something is grinding in my brain. I am just surprised by what this new artist could do. In track “I Mind,” seemingly unrelated sounds in the background converged with his voice quite amazingly and making a sound akin to a lake in the Sahara Desert, misplaced but helpful and great. There's nothing “completely” new about his sound but it comes out novel and original. The stereo sound from my earphones taps my eardrums and creates an auditory illusion with feelings of looking at a visual fantasy. For me the tracks were methodically stimulating each part of my brain, then stopping the stimulus and without time to prepare for the next stir, awakening the other part of my brain. This experience, for me, reached its pinnacle in the track “The Wilhelm Scream.” In “Give Me My Month,” I think the song would have worked even without the lyrics and other stuff.  Personally, the melody of piano was enough and the lyrics were like adding other hues to a rainbow.  Maybe the result is a rainbow having more than 100 colors, and more can still be added.

Editor's note: This is also the debut review of Paul, one of my former students. He's only 14 years old. 

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