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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hopkins without an Equal [A Movie Review for "The Rite"]

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What made “Silence of the Lambs,” “The Remains of the Day,” “Shadowlands,” and "Nixon" work was Anthony Hopkins had to act alongside Jodie Foster, Emma Thompson, Debra Winger and Joan Allen.  An outstanding actor left alone to make scenes after scenes work is simply iniquitous.  In "The Rite," Sir Hopkins is without an equal. Colin O'Donoghue and the rest of the cast gave promising perfomances but they still have a long way to go to match Hopkins past acting counterparts.  On the other hand, Marta Gastini, who played the pregnant possessed girl, satisfatorily matched Hopkins acting bravado but she is not Jodie Foster yet, but she has potential. 

Hopkins still delivers one of his best performances in recent years but with lackluster direction, poor editing and script, “The Rite” seems like an unfinished ritual. Nonetheless, the film manages to incite a few screams from the audience, although not from me.  The movie tries to be like "The Exorcist" without director William Friedkin's brilliant direction and Linda Blair's and Ellen Burstyn's exceptional performances.  It is also tries to revisit the demonic terrain of Hannibal's Italy but sadly, Jonathan Demme and Jodie Foster were not in attendance.  It is still exhilirating to watch the great Anthony Hopkins so it would not be a big loss if you spend your money on this film.

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