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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Breasts, Butts, Viagra and a Whole Lot of Nothing [Movie Review for "Love and Other Drugs']

Use of Non-Free Media Rationale
This is Anne Hathaway's and Jake Gyllenhaal's money movie. Period. Well, I certainly hope they were paid well for this film; otherwise, what was the point of making this film? It does tackle the issue of Parkinson's disease, so that is a plus. However, it also focuses on the phenomenal success of the magical erectile pill, Viagra, so that voids any noble attempt to get people aware of the situations of people who are living with Parkinson's disease.  Let's be honest, by the time you finished watching this movie, do you think you will have the sudden urge to write your congressman and demand more government money to fund Parkinson's disease research?  More moviegoers were more "excited" (in all sense of the word) seeing Jake experiencing adverse side effects after taking Viagra, and Anne exposing her breasts.  After I watched this movie, as I everyone was leaving the theater; I heard several teenage girls giggling; a 20something looking couple discussing that it should not have been rated PG-13.  There were a group of young professionals beaming and screaming how they love the movie, how funny and romantic it was, how sexy Jake was, and how daring Anne had become.  Obviously, these people hadn't watched Jake and Anne in "Brokeback Mountain."  If you want to see these two beautiful Hollywood actors act, go rent Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain."  Jake was amazing in that film and Anne revealed so much about her character in her brief phone call scene.  If you want to really see how daring Anne has become, go watch "Rachel Getting Married," her Oscar nomination was not a mistake. 
"Love and Other Drug" is nothing more than a vanilla-flavored guilty pleasure, and I have a feeling that they just inserted that Parkinson's disease issue here to give the film some credibility and make Anne look like she is still committed to being a serious actress.  Jake, on the other hand, does not have credibility problem.  I think after "Zodiac," he lost it.  There is really nothing new about the movie. Anne Hathaway was channelling Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” and Jake was using the Tom Cruise player template in “Cocktails.”  If you‘re into Anne’s and Jake’s body parts, go watch this.  You will be satisfied. 

In my case, minutes after watching this movie, I started having shakes and I was frantically running my shaking fingers through my wavy hair.  For a minute there, I thought I was really sick, then I realized that I guzzled a large Pepsi Max and gobbled a big Krispy Kreme donut during the film. I was having sugar rush?  But I had Pepsi and Krispy Kreme before and I never had the shakes; therefore, it must have been overexposure to Anne and Jake's naked parts.  "Love and Other Drugs" is a drug indeed, and like all drugs, you need the correct dosage; otherwise, you'll get addicted to films like these or die from overdose.

In "Brokeback Mountain," Hathaway and Gyllenhaal were brilliant with their clothes on and under Ang Lee's direction.

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