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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Smoker's Diary #11: First Time, John

Photograph by Rob San Miguel (Seoul 2008)
Written on
May 10, 2008
It was Friday evening. John has turned 17. John's friends were all in the living room watching

"Come on, try it."
"I am not really a smoker," John shyly replied.
"But your father smokes, how's that for a role model, eh?"

John took the cigarette, awkwardly put it between his virgin lips and he inhaled the smoke. He didn't cough at all. He let the smoke in and it warmed his lungs. He slowly exhaled but he let the smoke lingered in his mouth for a few seconds. Smoke oozed upward from his lips. He closed his eyes.

That was 10 years ago. John is now 27 and he smokes a pack a day. If you ask him if he ever blamed his friend Derek for giving him the stick, he would just smile and blow smoke at you. "A cigarette is the least of what Derek gave me." He would say. (Excerpts from Cancer & Cigarettes: First Time)

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