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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bieber & Zuckerberg

The world deserves Justin Bieber, and we should not apologize for it.  Justin, like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the youngest richest people in the world.  These young tycoons have made it extra difficult for the rest of humanity to catch up, and for those who are older than 30, life has now become a slow spiral downward movement to oblivion.  At present, a 32-year old millionaire is as impressive as a new ice cream flavour.  A million dollar in your bank account is no big deal, unless you live in the most backward of all Third World countries.  But I digress.
100 years from now, Bieber & Zuckerberg will be immortalized in the annals of history, and deservingly so.  Life is so fast paced and information travels faster than the speed of light that it is all a matter of timing to become ludicrously successful.  I think in our current age, we only have 30 years to make it (from birth). Beyond that, if you manage some form of success, you belong to the anomalous faceless multitude flock of swans.  Bieber & Zuckerberg are the black swan. Bieber, being accidently thrust in to the sky, and Zuckerberg having more control in his trajectory towards the heavens.
My good friend, who chose to remain nameless, once lectured me on the theory of complexities, which he said is the successor to post-modernism.  Whoa! Let’s not gag people with big words.  Shallowness is the currency of the day after all.  Still, I kind of wish that Bieber & Zuckerbeg were avant garde European animators or manufacturers of high quality clocks, but then again who can resist “Baby Baby Baby Oh,” and clicking the LIKE-button on Facebook.  If I were you, lay down your arms, and join us new believers, anyway a myriad of things we’ll be forgotten in a year or so and I’m pieces, baby fix me, and you shake me till you wake me from this bad dream, I’m going down down down down... yo!"

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