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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Smoker's Diary #5: Power of Two versus the Marlboro Man

Photograph by Rob San Miguel (
Seoul 2008)
News Flash: My good friend "The Artist", who chooses to be nameless, has officially joined me in quitting smoking.  

Last night was a perfect chance for me to cheat.  We were at a coffee shop and it had an exclusive air-conditioned area complete with couches that looked so comfortably inviting.  There was only one other person in the coffee shop after the inimitable Caridad Sanchez left with her family, I assumed. What a perfect night cap to see a great underrated thespian. I was too shy to show my admiration. I used to watch her as a child on television and observe how her body language changes with every change in her emotions and thoughts even without delivering a single line; on top of that, she was not even the focus of the camera. Genius, indeed.  But I digress.
I told my friend "The Artist" that since it was Christmas, the time of giving, I designated it my cheat day, a day of respite from ten days of clean living. To my surprise, he said that I should not because he also wanted to quit. Despite the temptation of the posh private smoking area, we both chose a tepid spot in the coffee shop to chat.  Anyway, Miss Caridad Sanchez sat there as well. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us. 
It was one of those nights when my friend "The Artist" and I would order our respective beverages of choice and talk like we were characters from a Woody Allen film or a John Waters film, depending on the mood and circumstance. That night, we were as animated as two critics lambasting Albert Martinez’s first directorial debut, and our conversations ran a whole gamut of topics from force feeding to rabbit-sitting.  Not a single cigarette was lit.  It does help when you quit with a friend.  I have always thought that my coffee talk with my friend "The Artist" would be different without cigarette smoke hovering above us like accumulating gaseous ideas.  As it turns out, it was "we" that made the conversation wonderful and not the Marlboro Man. 

Timeless Talent:
Miss Caridad Sanchez

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