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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Smoker's Diary #4: Fake Cherries and the Pink Sobranies

Photograph by Rob San Miguel (Seoul 2008)
Scene: Coffee Shop
Characters: Me and a female friend (almost like an older sister) and who chooses to remain anonymous, and agrees only to be called Miss X.
I asked Miss X if she ever smokes after a good drive in the little red corvette because, in my case, I have never smoked afterwards. Miss X, as only she can deliver, said that she smokes only if the old thing runs out of gas.  It is common practice, thanks to the celluloid world, to light a stick after a night of rude horizontal manoeuvrings. Most of the time, smoking afterwards is an act of celebration, like eating a cherry after devouring a big glass of scrumptious sundae. Why not? You lose one cherry and gain another.
Miss X’s driving partners obviously must have felt like galloping bisons on wheels once they see her lighting a pink Sobranie. Ignorance is bliss indeed. Miss X said that she was not intentionally misleading her partners but considering having a night of disappointment, she needed something satisfying and nothing satiates better than a cig.  This made me laugh. Miss X has a way of making quitting smoking more bearable.  She is my nicotine, my older sister, my muse.  Ironically, being a chain smoker herself, she is my number one supporter in quitting smoking.  
P.S.  Miss X said that I could write about smoking if I couldn’t smoke anymore.  It will help with the transition period.

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