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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not Pixar but it's all Heart: A Movie Review for RPG Metanoia

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Just when this über analytical movie miserabilist thought that there is very little hope in mainstream Philippine cinema, RPG: Metanoia came along and saved the day, not completely, but enough to recharge.  Watching this movie is like being resurrected to death, RPG style, after countless battles with armies and armies of mediocrity and false saviours.   The movie still lacks the graphic sophistication and minute nuances that make Pixar animations so fluidly superb, but RPG: Metanoia is a great first effort.  In fact, you can call it the audition piece of Philippine CG-animation, and it got my vote along with the votes of the numerous beaming children and adults in the cinemas.  

It was fun seeing my beloved longanisa, pritong itlog, pritong daing na bangus and sinangag rendered in computer animation.  Filipino children’s games like tsato, patintero, jolen, and tumbang preso also looked so inviting again that it brought back happy childhood memories.  Watching this movie, I felt like the contemptuous food critic Anton Ego in Ratatouille; all I needed to give me a new “perspective” is to remind me of simple pleasures I had as a child.  Well, don’t fret my sceptical comrades. Not a single tear was shed inside that darkened cinema, but a one-hour smile pasted on my face was indeed something. Bottom-line,   RPG: Metanoia is an enjoyable movie that everyone should see. Shame on you if you haven’t watched it yet.  It is very Filipino yet gearing towards the more futuristic side without losing track of reality.  My favourite character is the spiritist Mang Ernie (Jarius Aquino), complete with his magical top hat, barong and versatile black umbrella. That is so Pinoy! Astig!

This should have won the Best Picture in the MMFF.

Miserabilist: a person who appears to enjoy being depressed                 
Longanisa (Filipino-style sausage), pritong itlog (fried egg) pritong daing na bangus  (friend milk fish) and sinangag (fried rice)

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