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Monday, November 29, 2010

I "Ffachen" my "Doppelganger"

I was told that if you saw your doppelganger, one of you, specifically the stronger entity, must die.  It is a very Harry Potter-Valdemort kind of thing complete with the “Only I can live” declaration.  However, instead of inhabiting a world infused with magic, most of us are living monotonous lives inundated with daily traffic congestions, backlogged work and endless budgetary worries.  I have never believed in doppelgangers or paranormal activities.  My mind is wired to be too scientific, unfortunately.  I tend to be the first to investigate any unexplained phenomenon.  There’s always a scientific explanation for everything such as optical illusions, genetic mutations, natural selection, government corruption, mass hypnosis, collective subconscious manifestations, and simple good old fashion active imagination.  On the other hand, with approximately 92 million Filipinos living in the Philippines, plus an additional 11 million Filipinos living abroad, and consider that there are about 6 billion people on the planet; the possibility of having a superficial duplicate (not genetic) is imaginable.  Around 6 million people are born every year and so I guess you can say, for the sake of humor, God is mass producing.  In this kind of scenario, it is possible that somewhere up there, a heavenly factory worker is using models or moulds to create people.  Thus, expect to see your doppelganger (2), dreifachganger (3), vervierfachenganger (4), and your verfünffachenganger (5). Frankly, I prefer to see my fifth copy just so I could say “You’re my verfün-ffachen-ganger. ”  But he might say, “Excuse me. I am the original; you’re my verfün-ffachen-ganger. ”  Then I would retaliate by saying,  “verfün-ffachen-ganger  to you too.”  If our conversation continued to worsen, then it is true. One of us must die. 
Lastly, for those of you fascinated with doppelgangers, I suggest you read Jose Saramago’s “The Double.” Trust me. It is the best fictional work on doppelgangers you will ever read, plus, it is sort of a warning for those too eager to meet their double.   

P.S. My German translation may not be correct. Apologies,  but I am not fluent in German. Anyway, Vielen Dank.
Jose Saramago won the 1998 Nobel Prize for Literature. He passed away in June 2010.  He is a Portuguese novelist, poet, playwright and journalist.

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