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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is it possible for a King to marry a daughter of an OFW-single mom?

Do fairy tales come true? Of course not, especially in the Philippines where believing in fairy tales should be criminalized.  Is it still psychologically sound for women (or men) to dream of having Cinderella's life? Why wait for the fairy godmother to magically give you your glass shoes when there are more practical alternatives like Marikina shoes and who in her or his right mind would wear glass shoes? You're just inviting accidents.  Why dream of marrying Prince Charming when you can be Margaret Thatcher and disregard the monarchy altogether?  Why memorize the table of elements when you can have an element named after you?  Why worrry about not being able to join a Harvard exclusive club when you can create a billion-dollar worldwide social club? Haven't we learned anything from Marie Curie and Mark Zuckerberg.  We all hoped that President Aquino would marry Councilor Shalani Soledad but that fairy tale is nil.  Anyway, a daughter of an OFW-single mom should not be resting on false hope.  The landed never marry the landless.  Shalani should make her own name and fortune and with her latest gig in "Willing Willie," her fan base will continue to soar. Who knows, she may end up as the next mayor of Valenzuela, then its congresswoman, Senator and, not very unlikely (unless future generations of Filipinos evolve), she might be our future President. Hopefully, Willie Revillame will not be her First Consort.  

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