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Sunday, November 21, 2010

God Poke Me

I was listening to Chris Cox's speech on Facebook Platform. Chris Cox, to those of you who do not know, is Facebook VP of Product.  And as I listened to him outline a vision for the "social future" in the recently concluded f8 developer conference, three things entered my mind: handsome, smart and very rich.  Immediately, I telephoned God but the lines were all busy and I did not have the time to listen to Heaven's automated telephone answering system, despite its efficiency. Anyway, I was sure that with God's omnipresence and omnipotence, he certainly knew my questions before I could ask them.  As expected, I got the answers, conveniently directly downloaded to my brain faster than my internet provider.  The questions were:
"Why didn't He (the proverbial alpha male) make me a "white bread" handsome and technologically smart man? And why wasn't I born in a First World Anglo-Saxon country?"

Seconds after I thought about these questions, I got the Almighty's replies, short but meaty like (or unlike) a comment in Facebook.  God and I are Facebook friends but unfortunately, he specifically instructed me not to share all our communications, just wall to wall. If I ever broke my promise, he would tag all my embarrassing pictures for the world to see. And he has shots of all the nasty things I did. 

But luckily, I can share one of his follow-up answers because he did not directly channel it into my brain; instead he used the angel-faced Chris Cox to relay his last message for the night.  And since Chris Cox’s words do not cover my covenant with God, I can share the last message to you, dear readers. 

“The secret to early product development... is watch the users misuse what we have already given them and build the product that captures what they wanted to do."

Brilliant! Thankfully, I started to misuse my product way back in 2000. But I just had an epiphany tonight. I did not misuse my product, the one that god gave me, much earlier. I was so prudish that I only used it according to the prescribed instruction manual written thousands of years ago.  When all the while, God was waiting for me to misuse it so he could build new products that would capture what I wanted to do.  Consider this a Thank you God. Till next time. By the way, no more poking, I got the point.

See Chris Cox's video

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