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Monday, November 29, 2010

God Bless the Aliens for Destroying: A Movie Review for "Skyline."

Let’s make this quick. Skyline, the movie. When I watched this movie, the cinema was jam-packed with people.  As always, people love to see the world being destroyed starting with movies like “Independence Day” and up to “2012.” However, no amount of advanced special effects can save this movie from obliterating itself.  The movie does not look like it is even completely finished.  The film print appeared like it has not undergone color corrections.  The shots were so bright that it might have been shot using a digital camera.  But then again, the film supposedly only had a 10 million budget. Still, other film makers have produced superior films with lesser money.  Fortunately, the aliens who were destroying the world in this movie had a plan.  They killed the actors based on their lack of acting talents. Expect the bad actors to die first, sparing moviegoers from further torture.  Eric Falfour, who played the lead, was repeatedly attacked, wounded but always surviving.  Until close to the end of the movie, you can’t really tell for sure if he will die or not, perhaps because his acting is inconsistent. One minute he’s good, the next he's awful.  Luckily, the rest of the cast only had few chances before the aliens devoured them.  We have to thank those gluttonous extra terrestrials for having less patience in poor acting than most of us.  Hmm, perhaps they were not aliens; they might be movie critics having gargantuan nervous breakdown.  It makes sense because the movie was set in L.A. Bottom-line; please do not watch this movie.  Save your P150 and buy soju instead.  With just a couple of bottles, you’ll be as drunk as Johnny Depp in “Pirates of the Caribbean.”  Just tell your friends, you’re method acting.

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