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Monday, April 12, 2010

Laptops, Coffee Shops and Me Me me

In the coffee shop once again, the new church of the young city dwellers, not that I consider myself young but I am here and what can I do about it. I am surrounded by people with their respective laptops, Apple, HP, Samsung, Acer, Neo, Toshiba, Dell and what have you. And of course, me with my black HP mini. The who's who of the laptop world are here like laptop fashion week. This coffee shop, which shall remain nameless for the time being, is littered with the most stylist and not so stylist laptops of 2009 and 2010. They are all here. The question is "Do laptops have and their owners have statuses? Is there a laptop caste system? Will an apple user ever date a Samsung N150 user? Can an HP mini user trust a Dell user who used to own an Acer? And if you just go to coffee shops to show off your new flashy rectangular red glossy baby, can you ever get the attention of a hottie obviously working on a business proposal on his Mac? Will a coffee latte drinker with an Acer impress a Toshiba Protégé user with a green tea soy latte? The complications, contradictions and mindlessness are baffling and is it really worth analyzing? The answer is of course "no." However, like everything else in this city and its mushrooming coffee shops, everything has to do with appearances. If you have something to show, show it. If you want to be invisible, be invisible. If you do not want to play, do not play. If you want to be seen, go to Starbucks, or in some branches of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. If you want to be invisible, go to, well, we won't tell where, but it isn't cheap because it takes money to disappear and it only takes P150 to be seen. Anyway, it is all purposes in this post post-modern world. The bottom line is no one is watching us even though we might think we are being watched. How can we be observed when all eyes are fixed on the "ME ME ME?” We look at others because we want to look at ourselves. It is the perfect disguise. So there and it does not matter and no one cares.

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